Oodles of Christmas cheer!

Ms. Christmas, also known as Aurora

Christmas is gone now. But what a flurry it was.

When people use the expression “seeing red,” they generally mean that they are angry. But I saw a lot of red recently and was not angry. Red is the main Christmas color.

The photo above shows a very Christmas-y person arrayed in red. She is holding a Christmas card that I received from my friend Susan Dendy, who lives in England.

Here is Aurora in a different Christmas outfit. Her sweater says Merry Christmas in five different languages.

Aurora is good at decorating things. Here is how she decorated my bureau for Christmas. The tree was a gift from my sister, Mary. Aurora arranged all the animals so that they were admiring the tree.

Here are some of my Christmas gifts and cards.

I had a very good time on Christmas. But my boyfriend, Tom, is glad that it is over.

I think the day was too hectic for him. There were a lot of long phone calls. Santa paid an unexpected visit. I’m not sure if Tom liked his gift. It was an armadillo. Just kidding. 🙂

Goodbye until next year’s Christmas season!

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