A euphemism that was just brought to my attention

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My last blog post was about euphemisms. They are forms of speech that people use when they prefer not to say something which is awkward or negative.

A person named Aurora read the post. She pointed out a case where the term “problem” has almost disappeared. As I said in my last post, people feel uncomfortable about using the word because it distresses them.

Aurora mentioned a way in which people text. They seldom say “no problem” anymore. This expression has been replaced by “no worries.”

For example, people might text each other as follows.

“My train got held up, so I might be late.”

“No worries.”

I am now pondering the future of that expression. People feel better saying “worries” than “problem.” But “worries” is also negative. A new euphemism will probably replace it.

For example:

“My train got held up, so I might be late.”


This could go even further. For example:

“My train got held up, so I might be late.”


Oh dear! I am a person who loves the English language. This is an awfully lot of erosion. And I am not talking about soil.

Maybe, instead of using euphemisms, people will solely communicate using smiley-faces. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

What more can I say? Stay tuned for my future observations about humanity.


  1. Hi Susan, I use both no problem and no worries but in different context. If I am thanked for something I did, I use no problem, and then something happens that is an inconvenience to me I use no worries. English/grammar isn’t my strongest skill but you could help me here and I expect a “no problem”, haha!!

    1. That is an interesting distinction! If I help you and you thank me, I will say “no problem.” lol.

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