Common Euphemisms of Our Time

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A euphemism is a term that is used to disguise another term which people find awkward to use.

The most common euphemisms are ones that avoid use of the word “toilet.” People are uncomfortable with references to bodily functions.

Rooms that contain toilets are called all sorts of things. Examples are bathroom, restroom, washroom, men’s room, ladies’ room, even powder room.

These euphemisms are so common and longstanding that I am not very interested in them. I am more interested in recent euphemisms that have sprung up.

It used to be acceptable to use the word “problem.” These days it is not. Apparently people find the word too disturbing. It does not exactly sound serene.

Two euphemisms for “problem” are most common. They are “situation” and “issue.” Notice how pleasantly vague these words are. You hear them all the time on TV and elsewhere.

I recently had an internet outage. A repairman came to my home and worked to fix it. He mostly worked inside my apartment. But he also worked out in the hallway.

He fixed my internet. He remarked that another person would have to come, though. He said, “There is a situation in the hallway.”

He said “situation.” But it was clear that he meant problem.

I am relieved to say that the situation, or problem as I choose to call it, has been resolved. My internet still works. 🙂

The funniest euphemism I have heard is a new term for customer service representatives. These are people at companies whom you call on 800 numbers.

The new term is “relationship specialist.” Hilarious! It does make you feel that the person is friendly, warm, and cuddly.

Here is an appealing relationship specialist. Guys, don’t get too eager. She may be married. 🙂

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

I will conclude with a poem that I wrote.

I have an issue.

I need a tissue.

I have a runny nose.

Goodbye for now! I will post again about euphemisms if I hear some good ones.

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