Things to Do During a Heat Wave

Photo by Maris Rhamdani, courtesy of Pexels
  1. Lie on your bathroom floor with ice cubes piled up all over your body. If someone wants to come in, tell the person that you are washing lingerie and can’t be interrupted.

2. Eat a month’s supply of Popsickles.

3. Watch movies that were filmed in the Arctic Circle.

5. Dab yourself with very cold water. If you are wearing an expensive smartwatch, avoid getting water on the watch.

6. Buy several new fans for your home. Sit on the floor with the fans surrounding you. You will get bored. Try to meditate.

7. Avoid contacting anybody who lives in a cooler climate. The person will gloat.

8. Stare at this photo until you feel better.

Photo of ice formation by Simon Berger, courtesy of Pexels

9. Change your dinner plans. This is no time for hot meatloaf. See if you can obtain a very cold shrimp salad.

10. During a heat wave is a good time to take revenge. Slay an enemy of yours. The whole police force will be huddled in an air-conditioned building. They won’t look for you.

Okay, so I can be a bit macabre. It is just for fun. 🙂

For some great black humor, dealing with death, see the hilarious movie “The Trouble with Harry.” It is my favorite film that was directed by Alfred Hitchcock. You can see Shirley MacClaine when she was very young.

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to cool down. Let us hope!

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