Two of our houseplants, Simka and Chloe

If you have houseplants, I firmly believe that you should name them. If a plant has no name, it may develop an identity crisis.

My boyfriend and I have 7 plants. All of them have names. They are Oliver, Heidi, 007, Molly, Kevin, SImka, and Chloe.

The plants shown here are Simka and Chloe. They reside on the top of a radiator. Simka, on the left, is an orchid. Chloe is an asparagus fern.

Chloe was here first. Then I received the orchid from someone named Simka. Naturally I named the orchid after her.

The orchid came from a nearby Trader Joe’s. I like her better than the cereal and walnuts that I normally get from Trader Joe’s. Herein lies the problem.

I believe that Chloe may be jealous of Simka. She may be angry that I bought a white ceramic pot for Simka. Well, I had to. Simka was originally in a narrow, lightweight pot. She kept tipping over. I had to get the white pot.

Try telling that to Chloe! When I tell her, I believe she scowls at me.

My boyfriend says that Simka and Chloe are never going to get along. He says that they may get into catfights when we are asleep. We are very anthropomorphic.

Our other plants don’t seem to give a damn about what happens with Simka and Chloe. They are in different parts of the apartment. They have their own struggles and disappointments.

All readers who think I am nuts, please raise your right hands.

I’m glad I’m at my monitor and can’t see all of those raised hands. 🙂

In my future blog posts, I may return to discussing human beings. As strange as humans are, they are somewhat easier to relate to. There are exceptions to this. I cannot relate to any actions taken by Greg Abbott, the current governor of Texas.

Goodbye for now! Be nice to your plants!

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