Rejuvenating my hair: no one will recognize me now!

Photos by Aurora Betson. Captioning by Janhavi Bagwe.

Largely because of the pandemic, I did not visit a hair salon for a year and nine months. In the photo on the left, you can see the disaster that my hair had become.

The transformation on the right may seem miraculous. But a lot went into it.

My natural hair color is a boring light brown. I get blonde highlights. They are administered using tin foil.

I went to a hair salon called Shear Bliss. My stylist and colorist is named Christine. She always does a great job.

Christine started by putting tin foil with hair dye on the back of my hair.

Photo by Aurora Betson

Next, Christine used tin foil on the rest of my hair. In the photo below, I feel that I resemble an Egyptian goddess. 🙂

Photo by Aurora Betson

I enjoyed the shampoo and head massage that I received.

Photo by Aurora Betson

After my hair was colored and cut, it looked beautiful from behind.

Photo by Aurora Betson

Now that my hair looks lovely, what future awaits me? If I knew the brand of hair products that were used, I could do infomercials about them. Meanwhile, I will shock everyone who watches my YouTube channel, The Susan Eno Talk Show. My viewers will not recognize me. They will fear that I have been kidnapped and replaced by a blonde bimbo.

Ha ha, no. It is the same old silly me. Stay tuned for more of my goofy blog posts!

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  1. The proof is in the pudding.Tin foil magic and voila! The new Sue.®✓[®€€°π=Much improved.The aliens are coming.Oh,dear!

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