People are taking their face masks off. Therefore…. Surprise, surprise!

Photo courtesy of Pexels. Photo by Pavel Danilyuk.

After the coronavirus pandemic lasting for so long, many people are eager to get back to normal. They are sick of face masks and social distancing.

Officials in this country have led people to believe that the crisis is over. In my opinion, it is not. But it is not my purpose to prove my point in this blog. I will be looking at the lighter side of things.

People have been wearing face masks for a long time now. Now, many people are shedding them, especially if they have been vaccinated. What are the results?

I will discuss this on a case-by-case basis. Removing a mask can have a surprising outcome.

Mary and Bill

Mary and Bill had been dating for almost a year. They both were careful to wear face masks at all times. Each person felt that the other person was good-looking. They liked each other’s eyebrows. Mary liked Bill’s brown eyes. Bill liked Mary’s blue eyes.

Bill and Mary both got vaccinated. They took their masks off.

Mary thought, with horror, “Bill has a cruel mouth. He is not attractive at all. He looks like a wife-beater.”

Bill thought, “Mary has such a long nose. There is barely any room on her face for her lips.”

The two went their separate ways. They were grateful that they had not gotten married.

Janet and Julia

During the pandemic, Janet and Julia met in a Zoom art class. They struck up a friendship.

Since they both liked art, they sometimes went to museums together. But there was a problem.

Janet was a better dresser than Julia. People always said that Janet was chic. Whereas, Julia wore hand-me-downs that were splattered with paint.

Julia became envious of Janet because of this. It was undermining their friendship.

One day, they both took their masks off. They discovered that they were long-lost twin sisters!

“Sisterhood forever!” they declared. Everything went well until they fell into a manhole.

Arnold and Alfred

Arnold and Alfred hung out a lot together. Arnold talked a lot. Alfred was very quiet.

Arnold always wore a face mask. But he was not sure whether Alfred wore one. Arnold was near-sighted.

Arnold got vaccinated. He quit wearing a mask. When he took off the mask, his eyeglasses were knocked to the ground. They shattered. He went to an optometrist to buy new eyeglasses.

The new eyeglasses were much better. Arnold’s vision improved. He went to hang out with Alfred.

Arnold discovered that Alfred was not human. He was an especially tall sheep dog. That is how bad Arnold’s vision had been!

Nevertheless, the two beings kept spending time together. Arnold did not like talkative people. He could trust Alfred to be silent. There was an occasional bark, that was all.

Signing off for today, this is Susan Eno. I hope you did not believe any of these stories. I have a fertile imagination. 🙂

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