The best food is food that you get for free.

My boyfriend calls me a “health Nazi.’ For fans of the TV show Seinfeld, you will know exactly where this term derives from. A famous episode of Seinfeld was about a “soup Nazi.” The man made the best soups imaginable. But he had a terrible disposition and would deprive customers of soup for trivial reasons.

I don’t consider myself a health Nazi. I believe I am simply being teased. But I do care a lot about healthy eating. I try to eat fresh foods that include a lot of fruits and vegetables. I avoid greasy or fried foods.

When I order takeout food, this principle applies. I recently ordered from a restaurant in New York City that shall remain nameless. I ordered a salad and a sandwich. The sandwich is shown in the photo here.

Very unexpectedly, a third item came also. I had not ordered it. When I looked at it, it was the most mouth-watering thing I had seen in ages. It consisted of very crisp chicken legs along with rice that contained finely chopped vegetables.

I said to my boyfriend, “That looks fantastic!” I devoured it like a starved wolf. It tasted as great as it looked.

My boyfriend had some also. He said that the food was like Kentucky Fried Chicken, which I have never had in my life. This time he was a health Nazi. He said, “We shouldn’t eat things like this. They are very bad for us.”

I’m sure that is so. I will never order fried chicken. But I really enjoyed the fried chicken that I got for free.

A mystery surrounds this story. I looked at the menu for the restaurant afterwards. There was no item on the menu that indicated fried chicken with rice. Was the dish dropped into the package by an alien spacecraft?

Stay tuned.

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