How to kill time when you’re not very creative

I should add, how do you kill time in the middle of a heat wave? It is the middle of May, but it is 90 degrees outdoors!

Usually I can call on my creativity. I can write something humorous, draw a cartoon, or think of a creative way to get revenge on someone. 🙂

Alas, my creative juices have dried up for a while. I find myself killing time until my creativity comes back. Here are some of the things I do.

  • Text people and complain about my situation. They usually do not text back. If they do, it is to say that I should take up embroidery. I tried that! My fingers were clumsy. The threads got tangled up with my crocheted leggings.
  • Nag my boyfriend and ask him to talk to me more. This only worked when I got hold of his belt and dragged him into the living room.
  • Try to discover the meaning of life. I watched a lot of documentaries about Buddhism. But I am no closer to understanding life than before. I will just have to do an acting job. I have been looking in the mirror and trying to appear wise,
  • Brushing up on my math. I discovered that I have forgotten the multiplication tables! 8 x 7 = 56, and so forth.
  • Speaking of brushing, I brush my teeth more often these days to kill time. I can’t tell if there is any enamel left.
  • Shop online for things I don’t need. I wish I had never bought the jeep. We have no garage, and it won’t fit in our apartment.
  • Roll up all my accumulated pennies to take to the bank. This drove me so nuts that I just HAD to become creative…..

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