The Day My Apartment Got Flooded

The day started out like any other. It was afternoon when the calamity occurred. It was a nice day, so I had the windows wide open. I was sitting at my table absorbed in doing something.

When I get absorbed, I REALLY get absorbed. Psychologists call this “hyperfocusing.” It is characteristic of people who have attention deficit disorder. I don’t have that. But I have many other strange qualities.

I was so focused on what I was doing that I never thought about the weather. I don’t think I had even checked the weather forecast that day. I was to suffer because of my negligence.

I guess a storm was brewing, but I never heard thunder or looked up to see lightning. Finally, I did look out the window. Alas, too late!

Rain was coming down in an absolute deluge. Not only that. There was a strong wind coming from the west. My west windows were the place where I kept my electronic equipment, such as my computer. Four plants were on shelves along those windows.

I paused for a few seconds, gripped by panic. I saw rain come in the windows, flooding everything in sight.

Then I jumped up and ran to close the windows. As I did this, I knew that the moment for action had passed. Everything near the windows was soaked.

For a while, I felt the situation was hopeless. I figured my surge protector, my computer, my lamp, and my cordless phone could not be saved.

But there is that saying, hope springs eternal. Also, ideas spring eternal from the human breast.

I decided to try to dry everything off. I grabbed towels from the closet. Piece by piece, I rubbed everything as dry as I could get it. I was thorough, so this took a while.

Then I started to turn things on. Amazing! Everything still worked! Even my cordless phone, which had gotten the worst brunt of the flooding.

I admired the good quality of the items that had been soaked. If I could have remembered where I bought them, I would have given them 5-star online reviews.

This experience was pretty gut-wrenching. It took me a while to calm down from it. I was waiting for my boyfriend to return from a trip to the Bronx. I decided to do a watercolor painting.

My painting, called “Deluge,” is shown at the top of this article. It depicts what happened when the rain overtook my apartment.

It turned out that the rain was good for my plants that were flooded. Apparently I had been underwatering them. After the giant doses of rain water, they all perked up and thrived.

What have I learned from this? Of course, I should check weather forecasts more often. I also should call on my intuitive senses about the weather. I grew up in Nebraska. There, people smelled the air and could tell if it was going to rain.

I think I will get up each day, stick my head out the window, and inhale. This will work unless I get overcome by air pollution. After all, I live in New York City.

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