My Purple Lip Bruise and How It Healed

On February 24, 202l, I was eating delicious Indian food cooked by Janhavi Bagwe. I accidentally bit my lower lip very hard. This was the result.

Day 1 of the bruised lip. A disaster, right?

 I did not see the bruised lip at first.  For a while, I was wearing a mask.  Afterwards, I did not look in a mirror.

My boyfriend, Tom Boland, came home. He immediately noticed it.  He said, “What the hell happened to your lip?”

I told him the truth.  But the story sounded made up.   When I looked in a mirror, I was just as shocked as he was.

Day 2 of the bruised lip.  It was slightly less horrifying.

I posted this pic on Instagram.  But I did not get many likes.  One person, Carla Rupp, said she hoped that it would heal soon.  Thanks, Carla!

Day 3 of the bruised lip.

This photo shows me In a meditative moment.  I was contemplating whether to dye my hair green.  That was my boyfriend’s suggestion. He felt that my purple lips looked like punk rock makeup (wild makeup from the 1970s-1980s). He felt I should go all the way and look totally freaky.

Day 4 of my bruised lip.

On this day, I decided that I should not give into despair over my bruised lip.  I felt, life must go on. I even applied eye makeup.

Day 5 of my bruised lip.

Here, I decided to present a brave face to the world.  This was despite the fact that my hair was messy.

Day 6 of my bruised lip.

Hooray, the bruise was noticeably fading!  I celebrated with a big smile.

By now, I realized that the purplish color of the bruise was flattering.  I ordered purple lipstick on Amazon.  Here is the brand that I chose.

Day 7 of my bruised lip.

The bruise was nearly gone by now.  I began to miss it.  Note that the bruise did not heal evenly.  The center of my lip was healed. But two splotches of purple on either side remained.  Oh dear.  I looked like  a grape popsicle that was melting in the sun.


Let my experience be a lesson to all of us.  No matter how good your meal is, do not chew your food too hard. 

If you do bite your lip and get a bruise like mine, tell the truth about what happened.  Don’t get your partner in trouble by saying that he slugged you.

Try to make the best of your hardships.  In this case, I can’t wait to try my purple lipstick.

Last but not least, be grateful for science.   Think of all the zillions of cells that must have organized themselves to heal your lip.  It is nearly as hard as organizing a moon landing.


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