Trump Gets Grumpy: Tantrum in White House

Reliable sources report that President Trump really lost it on Feb. 14, Valentine’s Day.

Trump did receive a valentine from his wife Melania.  However, he received no valentines from other women.  Only the usual hate mail.

In a press conference, Trump stated:  “I am as lovable as the next guy.  I deserve to be showered with hearts and flowers.”

A female reporter showered him with decaying fruit and razor blades.

Trump was able to dodge.  However, his temper was frayed to the breaking point.

He flung himself on the floor.  He pounded his fists on the floor repeatedly.  His suit became badly creased.

Several of Trump’s PR people rushed forward.  They tried to mollify him.  One person said:  “Remember the beauty pageant next week?  You can grope anyone you want there.”

However, by then, Trump was beyond reach.  He kept thrashing about.  He whined:  “Nobody understands me.”

Fortunately for Trump, some people there were supporters of him.  They waved signs that said:  “Sure, He’s a Jerk!  But We Love Jerks!”

When Trump saw the signs, he began to calm down.  He requested a sheet of paper and an attorney.  He drafted an executive order that made it illegal to ignore the President on Valentine’s Day.  Enforcement was to be handled by the IRS.

The story of Trump’s tantrum went viral.  Many pollsters were surprised at the outcome.

The approval rating for Trump, formerly at 44% of the population, rose to 49%.

Some people found this mysterious.  However, random interviews offered some insight into the cause.

For example, Joe Rackensack of Hackensack, New Jersey made this comment.  “Trump is OK by me.  I act the same way if somebody double-crosses me.  Sorry, but I can’t talk longer.  I have to go clean my gun before it gets any later.”

The sun set slowly on another day in Trumpistan.

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