Looking Inward for Comfort

We are living in very difficult times.  The pandemic is limiting our lives in countless ways.  Many people struggle with other limitations as well.  We long to feel more at peace with ourselves.

Grasping at the usual straws will not help you.  Maybe you are in the rat race of trying to accumulate more money.  But how many rich people have despaired or even committed suicide?

You will probably feel better if you have a strong support network of friends and family. But how often that support network can topple!  Sad to say, but most people put their own interests first.  If they see a better opportunity for themselves, you may not hear from them as often.

How about religion?  Personally, I am not a believer.  But religion gives a lot of comfort to some people.  I issue a warning here.  Some comfort, yes.  But not a whole lot of prayers answered.

Then what are we left with?  Simply, ourselves.

In an ancient Greek dialogue written by Plato, Socrates was quoted as saying “Know Thyself.”  It is excellent advice. 

Take a long pause for thinking, even if you have a busy day.  Think about yourself.  
Start by thinking about what things give you the most pleasure and peace.  Only include things that you can do when you are alone.  An example is reading a book.  Focus on activities that are quiet, rather than noisy.  Such activities bring the most mental peace.  Do these peaceful activities often.

Next, you might write something down about yourself.  For example, write down your best character traits.  You will be pleased to see the list when you are done.

Here is a suggestion for another list.  In what areas could you improve yourself?  Once you see this list, I hope you will be motivated to try to change.  If you do, you will be very gratified.

Set aside some time each day to get to know yourself better. This will help you more than engaging in frenzied texting or video games. My promise:  After even a month, you will feel calmer and more in control of your life.

Finally, as much as you can, have some laughs!  Bring out your inner sense of humor. 

My boyfriend and I joke around a lot.  Here is a video showing us in action.  I hope you might subscribe to my YouTube channel.  

Goodbye for now. I hope my suggestions have been helpful!

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